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Technology We Use

When it comes to your smile and dental health, you deserve the best. After all, your smile leaves a lasting impression that people will remember long after they’ve met you. At Pro Dental Group we use the latest technology in our office for our patients. In doing so, this technology helps us go deeper into your oral health in order to ensure that you have the cleanest and healthiest smile available. Here is a look at what you can expect with your experience with Pro Dental Group and Dr. Nguyen.

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Digital X-Rays

Looking at your teeth through an x-ray during your dental visit can help you get a better look at your oral health deep below the gums. Instead of just looking at topical issues, digital x-rays give Dr. Nguyen a look into how the roots of your teeth look. In doing so, we can then find out if you have any underlying issues that may lead to poor oral hygiene or dental issues.

We offer special prices for first time customers who need to get an x-ray of their teeth. And because our digital x-ray service has less radiation than traditional x-ray machines, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your safety. We will begin your dental appointment with an x-ray to see if we need to look at anything in particular once you sit down in Dr. Nguyen’s chair.

Those that avoid getting a digital x-ray run the risk of having lasting issues with their teeth, including problems that could otherwise be avoided with proper prevention. Because it is at no risk to you, there are many benefits to getting a digital x-ray of your teeth.

Intra Oral Digital Camera

Dentists are trained to see parts of your mouth that the average person would not consider looking for. However, with the Intra Oral Digital Camera used by Dr. Nguyen, you’ll be able to see exactly what they see when they look in your mouth. This will include a variety of different things such as cracks in teeth, damage to gums, buildup around molars and much more.

The Intra Oral Digital Camera is truly an extraordinary way of showing clients exactly what they should be looking for in their mouths. In doing so, patients can see just how dirty -or clean- the inside of their mouth is. Our goal is that this will lead to better oral maintenance, which will leave you with a longer lasting and more beautiful smile.

Our digital camera services are often included with our other dental packages. This means that if you are having work done at Pro Dental Group, we will need to take a photo of your teeth to get a better idea of what we are working with. And after we do that, we’ll show you exactly what it is we see, with no added cost to you.


Paperless Charts

We know that you have better things to do than wait around in an office all day long. That is why we provide you with the simplicity and ease of using paperless charts to reduce your wait time. All this requires is that you sign in before your appointment and finalize all of your paperwork from your computer at work or home. Once you have done all of this, we can get you out of the waiting room and into Dr. Nguyen’s chair much quicker. At Pro Dental Group, we value our patient’s time and appreciate you trusting us with your dental requirements. That is why we do all that we can to make this as easy of an appointment as possible for you.


Relaxing Dental Atmosphere

Whether you have been to the dentist twice a year all of your life, or a visit to Pro Dental Group is your first dental checkup in years, we know that it’s always a bit unnerving when sitting down in a dentist chair. That is why we offer a variety of different options to make it as comfortable and relaxing for you as possible.

The least of your concerns at the dentist should be whether or not the equipment a dentist is using is clean and safe. At Pro Dental Group, we take our sterilization efforts very seriously and we provide a state-of-the-art sterilization utility that will be sure to clean all of our equipment. That means that before and after your appointment, Dr. Nguyen diligently cleanses his tools to ensure safety when working on different clients. Your safety is a priority to us and that is why we go the extra mile to assure that you feel completely comfortable with us during your time at our dental office.

Another addition to our office that makes for a more relaxing atmosphere are our comfortable dental massage chairs. Sitting in one of these chairs will help your body calm down and relax, rather than letting the nerves take over your body or make you feel uneasy about having dental work done. We will even put on a DVD movie for you to add to the overall enjoyment of your appointment. When you work with Pro Dental Group and Dr. Nguyen, your mind will be so far from what’s happening inside your mouth that you probably won’t believe it once your appointment is up.

Dr. Nguyen and Pro Dental Group offers a variety of different services to each of our customers. If you have concerns of being able to pay your bill, you should put your mind to ease. We accept most insurance and we’ll also work with patients who do not have coverage at all. We believe in healthy and happy smiles at an affordable price. And once you actually sit down in our dental chairs, you can rest assured that it will be an enjoyable experience that will make you want to come back more regularly in the future.

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