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Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Clean and Safe

At Pro Dental Group, Dr. Nguyen and the staff really love it when kids come to visit us. We know that children may not enjoy visiting the dentist very much, which is why we make a diligent effort to ensure that they can feel relaxed and calm in an otherwise unnerving setting. After all, the care and attention that is put towards your children’s teeth in their early years will form the foundation of their oral health for the remainder of their lives. In order to make sure that your children have a head start towards having great and healthy teeth, here are some things to consider in the early years.

It’s Never Too Early To Visit

Many parents think that they don’t need to take their child to the dentist until after they have started showing teeth. However, this is most certainly not the case. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that we highly recommend that expecting mothers come to visit us during their pregnancy. This gives us the opportunity to look out for pregnancy gingivitis, which could wreak havoc on a mother and a newborn.

Once the child has been born, then it’s time to start bringing them in for a visit. Dr. Nguyen can take a look at your newborns gums, just to make sure that everything is looking safe and healthy before their teeth start coming in. Once the teeth start sprouting up, then we’ll give even more detailed attention and provide them with cleanings.

No matter what, it’s important that you don’t wait until your child has a full set of teeth before you visit us for the first time. This will put your child far behind on the path to having healthy teeth, and it could be a long road to try and resolve. Do yourself a favor and get off on the right foot and your child will thank you later in life.

Keep On Visiting

Taking your child to the dentist just once or twice is not going to be enough to help them maintain their oral health. In truth, even going once a year isn’t going to be enough. Instead, you need to make sure that you are continually visiting the dentist at least twice a year if you want your children to have the best teeth possible. Not only will visiting the dentist ensure that your child has healthy teeth, but it also will instill good habits. Sooner or later your children are going to be out on their own. If they think that visiting the dentist is a normal and routine thing to do, then they won’t think twice about keeping up the habit. In addition, taking your child to the dentist gives you a reason to make an appointment for yourself, and we always love seeing you as well.

Give Them The Right Tools

Your children needs the right tools in order to keep their teeth clean on a daily basis. This includes a toothbrush that is the right size for their teeth and gums, floss that is easy to use, and even mouthwash that they can rinse with. If your child doesn’t have the right tools to keep their mouth clean, then it’s likely that their dental visits are going to come with much less positive news about their oral health.

Keep On Them

Once you’ve given your children the tools they need to keep their teeth clean, stay on them about keeping up with their habits. Make sure that they are brushing multiple times a day, and even take the time to brush with them. This is a great way to spend family time, while also making sure that everyone has the cleanest and healthiest teeth and gums possible.

Consider Dental Treatments When Needed

In the event that your child needs to have dental work done, it’s highly recommended that you don’t wait to do so. Instead, if your child needs braces, fillings, dental sealants, or anything else, it’s much better to get these things done as quickly as possible. It may be an unexpected expense to have this work completed, but it’ll protect their overall oral health as they get older. After all, they only get one set of teeth, so you should do your best to help them keep them safe.

Your child may not be as eager about keeping up with their oral care as you are, but it’s still something they need to learn. In order to keep your child’s teeth safe and clean, keep these tips in mind during the early years.