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Help Santa Have a Brighter Smile This Christmas with These Midnight Snacks

It’s almost that time of year again, when Santa and his little helpers are making their lists and checking them twice. If you have a little one in your household who has been good this year, then he or she is probably waiting anxiously for Santa, Rudolph and the gang to make their way to your home this holiday season.

Whoever started the idea of giving cookies to Santa was obviously incredibly generous. After all, who wouldn’t love a plate full of freshly made chocolate chip cookies to fill their belly before a long journey across the world in a sled? But while cookies may be good for the soul, they aren’t as good for Santa’s teeth. And as much as you may not like hearing it, the same is to be said for your teeth, as well.

As you and your kids prepare a little treat for Santa this holiday season, here are some alternatives to cookies that you can leave out. These options will help Santa have a more beautiful smile, which he will enjoy having once he’s on vacation with Mrs. Claus for the New Year. And oh yeah, these tips are good for you too as you go through the holiday season as well.

Celery and Carrots

Vegetables are very good for your teeth. Not only are they full of healthy vitamins and minerals, but they also don’t have added sugar and other things that come from other sweets. In addition, Santa will have better teeth thanks to the saliva that celery and carrots creates, as this will help to clear up bacteria that is left from cookies and eggnog. If that’s not enough, don’t forget that Santa’s reindeer also love carrots and celery, and you’ll need to make sure their bellies are full this holiday season, as well!


Raisins are a fantastic idea for anyone on the go this holiday season. Whether it’s you that’s looking for a little something to boost your energy while Christmas shopping, or Santa who is hoping to cut own on calories, raisins are the ideal snack. Raisins do not contain sucrose, which is ideal for helping with your oral health, but they are still sweet so they taste quite good. In addition, raisins have a little bit of iron, and phytochemicals in them, which can help with killing bacteria that would otherwise lead to plaque buildup.

Sugarless Gum

Another great snack idea that you can leave out for the big guy this holiday season is sugarless gum. After all, it’s likely that Santa gets a bad case of dry mouth as he is hopping from home to home christmas Eve. In order to help him keep his mouth fresh and smelling great, a pack of sugarless gum will be much appreciated.


Santa is going to need a lot of strength if he’s going to be lugging around toys to all of the good boys and girls this holiday season. Spinach is great because it is full of protein that will help to boost Santa’s muscles. In addition, spinach is full of helpful vitamins and minerals that will boost stronger teeth and gums.


Obviously Santa shouldn’t be drinking and driving this Christmas, so you might want to leave the wine locked up in the cellar. However, you can still leave out some cheese for the big guy and he’ll likely greatly appreciate it. Not only is cheese tasty, but it’s also full of calcium and vitamin D. Both of these vitamins are ideal for helping to build strong bones and teeth, both of which a guy Santa’s age probably needs.


Along with cheese, milk is loaded with vitamin D and calcium, as well. Even though you might want to steer away from the cookies this Christmas, there is nothing wrong with leaving out a bit of milk, or even eggnog, for Santa to wet his palate with when he comes to your home.

Dark Chocolate Cookies

If you insist on loading up the big guy with cookies, that’s completely fine, too. After all, Santa’s New Year’s resolutions probably don’t start until the following week, so he might as well enjoy as many cookies as he possibly can. However, instead of giving him cookies that are full of nuts or milk chocolate, both of which can be bad for oral health, instead include dark chocolate in the ingredients. Dark chocolate has actually been proven to be beneficial for teeth, and Santa will be happy with the change in cookie flavors that you are offering.