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Family Dentist

ProDental is your source for complete family dental care. We are experienced and qualified to provide dental care for people of all ages — children, teens, adults, seniors.

Dental Care for Children

Children should have their first dental visit by the time they reach their first birthday. This is to ensure that their baby teeth are coming in properly and to introduce them to the experience of the dental office. If children are raised to accept that dental visits are normal and nothing to fear, they are more likely to continue regular dental care as they grow. Parents will be able to ask any questions or raise any concerns they have about their child’s mouth.

Dental Care for Teens

Pre-teens and teens may experience difficulties with their bite or trauma to teeth participating in sports or activities. Hormones and genetics also play a role in how the mouth is shaped, in enamel strength and in resistance or susceptibility to tooth decay. Addressing issues early is always best so that more serious problems don’t develop and compromise the teen’s ability to chew, talk and smile as an adult.

Dental Care for Adults

Good oral health means regular check-ups; these are as important for adult teeth as they are for children or teens. The focus for children and teens is to create a healthy environment for adult teeth. Once all the adult teeth are in, they and the surrounding gums and supporting bone need to be maintained and cared for to ensure that the teeth last a lifetime. In the case of missing teeth or tooth decay, teeth need to be repaired or replaced so that function, nutrition and quality of life isn’t affected.

Dental Care for Seniors

Aging, wear and tear, dietary and lifestyle habits, and certain medications can all create challenges for seniors in caring for their teeth. Seniors may require advice on how to deal with dry mouth, restoration of worn down crowns resulting in exposed dentin or pulp, or replacement of missing teeth.

If you’re looking for comprehensive dental care for your whole family, trust your mouth to ProDental.